HRM & Payroll

HR and Payroll Management Solutions

Aveon's Human Resource Management Solution Component is designed to cultivate a dynamic workforce for 21st-century institutional excellence. This multifaceted system simplifies personnel procedures, from streamlining recruitment (HIRE) to engaging and empowering employees (ENGAGE), handling payroll complexities (PAY), and leveraging data insights (RETAIN). With maximum interactivity and minimal effort, our application seamlessly administers all HR tasks to fruition.

Managing the workforce, daily requirements, governance, financial accounting, and reporting are essential components for the smooth functioning of educational institutions and organizations alike. Our platform hosts core functions such as:

HR Management

Employee Information Management

Employee Self Service

Biometric Integration

Payroll with Tax and Statutory Compliance

Exit Management

Performance Management

Our comprehensive solution empowers institutions to recruit the right talent and simplify the onboarding process. Intuitive features enable intelligent reporting, eliminating the need for cumbersome spreadsheets. The system monitors employee productivity through powerful tracking software. Additionally, a mobile app facilitates remote employee monitoring and assistance.

A successful Human Resource Management Platform should align with the organization’s HR objectives. Aveon's expert system achieves precisely this.

Key Features

Staff Detail Entry/Import Bulk Details

Easily input or import large volumes of staff information into the system, ensuring accurate and efficient data management.

Task Permission Management

Grant specific permissions to staff members based on their roles and responsibilities, ensuring secure access to relevant resources.

Staff Appraisal based on Performance Reports

Conduct fair and objective performance appraisals using comprehensive performance reports, facilitating informed decision-making.

Staff Account Details Creation/Maintenance

Create and maintain detailed accounts for each staff member, including personal information, job roles, and contact details.

Alternate Staff Allotment for Leave/Vacation

Assign alternate staff members to cover duties during employee leave or vacation periods, maintaining operational continuity.

Staff Certificate Management

Store and manage staff certificates and qualifications within the system, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Staff Confidential Records

Safeguard sensitive staff information with secure and confidential record-keeping features, maintaining privacy and confidentiality.

External Staff Details Management

Manage details of external staff or contractors working with the organization, facilitating seamless collaboration and communication.

Staff Extracurricular Activity Tracking

Track staff involvement in extracurricular activities or additional responsibilities, recognizing and rewarding contributions beyond regular duties.

Expense Comparative and Daily Expense Reports

Generate detailed reports comparing expenses over time and track daily expenditures, facilitating budget analysis and financial planning.

Online Employee Permission Requests

Allow employees to submit permission requests online, streamlining the approval process and ensuring timely responses.

Online Permission Approval/Cancelation

Approve or cancel permission requests submitted by employees quickly and conveniently through the online platform.

Online Staff Leave Requests

Enable staff members to request leave online, simplifying the leave management process for both employees and administrators.

Online Staff Leave Approval/Cancelation

Review and approve or cancel staff leave requests efficiently using the online approval system, ensuring adequate staffing levels.

Overtime Application & Approval

Streamline the process of applying for and approving overtime hours, ensuring accurate compensation for additional work.

Alternate Staff Approval

Approve requests for alternate staff assignments to cover duties during employee absence, maintaining operational continuity.

Employee Thumb Attendance Management

Monitor employee attendance using biometric thumb recognition technology, ensuring accurate timekeeping and payroll processing.

Daily Manual Attendance Management

Record and manage daily attendance manually for staff members without biometric attendance systems, ensuring accurate payroll calculations.

Monthly Attendance Reporting

Generate comprehensive reports summarizing monthly attendance data, facilitating payroll processing and compliance with labor regulations.

Staff Advance Pay Management

Manage and track advances paid to staff members, ensuring accurate accounting and reimbursement processes.

Salary Calculation based on Leave, LOP, Permission, and Deductions

Calculate employee salaries accurately based on factors such as leave loss of pay (LOP), permissions, and deductions for taxes and benefits.

Online/Offline Salary Payment Processing

Process salary payments conveniently online or offline, providing flexibility and convenience for both administrators and employees.

Salary Payment Cancelation

Cancel salary payments if necessary, ensuring accurate financial records and preventing errors in payroll processing.

Salary Increment based on Performance Reports

Automatically adjust salaries based on performance evaluation results, rewarding high- performing employees and motivating others to improve.

Salary Slip & Statement Generation

Generate detailed salary slips and statements for each employee, providing transparent and comprehensive documentation of salary payments and deductions.